Psychotherapie Dresden, Katrin Helbig, Psychotherapeutin

Katrin Helbig, Certified Psychologist

I am a psychotherapist with my own practice. Here you will receive competent professional help in dealing with a variety of psychological problems. Continuously striving to find new solutions while helping you learn to rely on your own resources will be an important part of our work together. 

Born in Leipzig

Initially trained as an electrical engineer, with many years of professional experience as a qualified engineer in hard and software development• Degree in psychology in Dresden, with a focus on clinical psychology, occupational and organizational psychology

Certified psychologist

Work experience in several clinics including

  • Psychosomatic Clinic at the University Hospital in Dresden
  • Psychiatric Clinic at the Dresden Neustadt Hospital
  • Specialist at the Hospital Heidehof, a special clinic for dependency-related illnesses
  • Manager for adaptation at the Moritzburg drug clinic
  • Licensed as a psychological psychotherapist by the regional authority in Dresden
  • 5-year advanced training program in behavioral therapy
  • Opened a private psychotherapeutic clinic in 2004 with an emphasis on solution and resource-orientated therapy
  • Member of the Eastern German Chamber of Psychotherapists (Ostdeutschen Psychotherapeutenkammer) and the German Association of Psychotherapists (Deutsche Psychotherapeutenvereinigung)
  • Additional training in behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, energetic psychotherapy and EMI (Eye Movement Integration).