Hilfe bei Burnout in Dresden durch Katrin Helbig

Burnout - who is at risk?

Do you feel like external demands have exhausted your internal strength, even though you enjoy your job, identify with your work, and strive to complete your tasks to the best of your ability? The process starts slowly: a loss of power that happens incrementally, imperceptibly. To avoid such ‘Burnout’ syndromes, I can help you start a process of change that will lead to more enjoyment in life and better performance at work. Rediscovering the joy of living can often lead to a renewed joy in being active.

Burnout - what are the consequences?

A persistent draining of strength can lead to subjective feelings of unhappiness, internal tension and the sensation of being overwhelmed. Individual needs (including health) may be compromised. Family conflict may begin to occur more regularly. At the core of the problem lies the feeling that a psychological and/or physical limit has been reached.

Burnout - what are the symptoms?

Burnout manifests itself through physical symptoms including fatigue, a reduced ability to perform, sleep and concentration issues and depressed moods. It often becomes harder to relax or get motivated. Further symptoms may include psychosomatic reactions such as tenseness, problems with circulation, gastro-intestinal irritation or tinnitus.

Burnout - what helps?

Burnout syndrome can be treated with professional help. The first step is deciding what goal you’d like to achieve. Once that goal is set, we will work together to find new ways to attain it. You will regain a renewed sense of joy in life and enjoy an increase in stamina and energy. With constant and personalized support, you will learn techniques that encourage a new, healthier way of thinking, feeling and acting. Critically, you will also learn how to identify and solve problems on your own.